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Diamond Crystal

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  1. Small Diamond

    The elegant small diamond crystal that’s sitting on the cut corner gives an amazing look to the photo, which is engraved on it. We all need is the image and text to etch in the diamond crystal. If you desire, the 3D crystal would come fit in the LED base.

    Crystal Dimensions : 2.36" X 2.36" X 2.36"

  2. Medium Diamond

    Add a wow factor to your gift that bound to impress your closed ones when they will find their photo etched in the beautiful medium diamond crystal. A brilliant way to treasure the memories forever is by providing the photo and text, and making a decision for the LED base.

    Crystal Dimensions : 3.14" X 3.14" X 3.14"

  3. Large Diamond

    The large diamond crystal, which sits at the top of the 3D diamond crystal range is a perfect fit for the family portrait. Personalize the crystal by providing the photo you like the most and the text you want to engrave, which rests on a LED base (If you want).

    Crystal Dimensions : 3.93" X 3.93" X 3.93"

Set Descending Direction


3 Item(s)