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  1. Small Cube

    Model your favorite picture into a unique 3D photo crystal as a gift in a landscape or portrait orientation. The resulting small cube is a solid and transparent block where you can engrave inside any text you want. It will definitely astound and amaze you.

    Portrait Dimensions :2" X 3.14" X 2"

    Landscape Dimensions :3.14" X 2" X 2"

  2. Small Heart

    It’s time to express your feelings and let your heart speaks a ton with a small heart crystal where you can laser engrave the photo of someone special and the words that touch them. Besides, the visual effects can be enhanced by fitting it in the LED bases.

    Crystal Dimensions: 3.23" X 2.77 X 1.57"

  3. Small Prestige

    Present a unique prestige crystal to your dear one on his/her special day. The hand crafted crystal is one-of-its-kind and uniquely shaped to customized dimensions as per requirement. A brilliant way to present this crystal is to get it mounted on on LED base and engraved with dear one's best photo for the long lasting memories.

    Crystal Dimensions: 4.25" X 5" X 2.36"

  4. Small Diamond

    The elegant small diamond crystal that’s sitting on the cut corner gives an amazing look to the photo, which is engraved on it. We all need is the image and text to etch in the diamond crystal. If you desire, the 3D crystal would come fit in the LED base.

    Crystal Dimensions : 2.36" X 2.36" X 2.36"

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4 Item(s)