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  1. Medium Cube

    Light up your close ones every time they take a glance at the medium cube crystal you gifted to them. You have to just upload the image, choose the orientation and add engraving, and your job is done. Everything will get etched in the crystal glass as per your instructions.

    Portrait Dimensions: 2.55" X 3.54" X 2.55"

    Landscape Dimensions: 3.54" X 2.55" X 2.55"

  2. Medium Wing Crystal

    This Wing Crystal

    Dimensions : X" x Y" x Z"

  3. Medium Heart

    Accentuate your love by engraving the image of your loved ones and adding those special words in the medium heart 3D crystal. Also, you can illuminate the heart crystal by opting for LED base and adding special instructions.

    Crystal Dimensions: 3.93" X 3.54" X 2.36"

  4. Medium Diamond

    Add a wow factor to your gift that bound to impress your closed ones when they will find their photo etched in the beautiful medium diamond crystal. A brilliant way to treasure the memories forever is by providing the photo and text, and making a decision for the LED base.

    Crystal Dimensions : 3.14" X 3.14" X 3.14"

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4 Item(s)