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  1. Small Heart

    It’s time to express your feelings and let your heart speaks a ton with a small heart crystal where you can laser engrave the photo of someone special and the words that touch them. Besides, the visual effects can be enhanced by fitting it in the LED bases.

    Crystal Dimensions: 3.23" X 2.77 X 1.57"

  2. Medium Heart

    Accentuate your love by engraving the image of your loved ones and adding those special words in the medium heart 3D crystal. Also, you can illuminate the heart crystal by opting for LED base and adding special instructions.

    Crystal Dimensions: 3.93" X 3.54" X 2.36"

  3. Large Heart

    Be its valentines day, wedding or the birthday, nothing will be as lovely as the large heart crystal for your beloved ones. You can etch the image and those magical words in this handsome keepsake alongside fitting it in the striking LED base to celebrate your love.

    Crystal Dimensions: 4.92" X 4.33" X 2.36"

  4. Heart Ornament

    Add a personalized touch to your Christmas gifts this year with this elegant and beautiful heart ornament. Tailored with engraved photo of your choice, this crystal ornament is a perfect way to cherish memories with your beloved. Available in multiple shapes, this precious ornament is the best to delight your loved ones with personalized gift.

    Not recommended for images with more than 3 people.

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4 Item(s)