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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas to Please Your Dinner Host! [Updated]

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival that is synonymous with American culture and heritage. It started as a shared harvest festival celebrated by both the English Pilgrims and the native Wampanoag people. Thanksgiving is now celebrated across the world with much gusto.

While most people exchange chocolates, wine, and flowers, you have the option to be extraordinary. You can swerve away from the known path, and choose from one or more of the Thanksgiving gift ideas we have listed below. Your dinner host is sure to help you with a second serving of the desert.

  1. Reusable masks

Wearing masks is important, at least for the next few months until a definitive Covid-19 vaccine is available for everyone. Visit Etsy, Amazon, and other online stores to pick up attractive handcrafted and reusable masks. Though not as effective as N95 or surgical masks, reusable masks play a major role in stopping the epidemic. And your host will thank you!

  1. Exercise equipment

Ever since the pandemic has struck, people have begun to avoid gyms. They also spend more time at home, leading to many health issues. Purchase a set of dumbbells, a yoga mat or even a treadmill for your host. What could be a better gift than a pathway to health?

  1. 3D crystal gifts

Photographic memories play an important role in keeping us happy and connected to loved ones. Invest in crystal photo frames into which 2D and 3D images can be etched using laser technology. There are LED bases for these frames too, which illuminate the image in a dream-like manner. 3D crystal photo holders come in a number of shapes, sizes, and style.

Pick the one that you fancy the most.

2D night light

  1. Skincare products

Taking care of skin, and looking great are both linked to elevated levels of self-esteem and body image. Help your host regain their luminous skin and self-confidence by picking from a range of skincare products. This gift idea only works if you know your host and their skin issues well.

  1. Annual subscription to streaming services

One of the safest yet quirkiest gift ideas is to arrive at your host’s doorstep, and during the conversation, enquire if they have access to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple Music, or one of the many streaming services. If they don’t, choose a service that you like a lot, and surprise them with an annual subscription on the spot.

  1. A health appointment

If you know your host really well, schedule a health appointment or a laboratory testing for them. Paying for your host’s medicines, doctor’s appointment or a procedure they have been putting off for months or years are great gift ideas. Health monitoring gadgets on Amazon are acceptable gift ideas too.

  1. A night at a luxurious hotel

Help your host escape monotony by giving them a chance to spend a night at a luxurious hotel, and pamper themselves with a spa treatment. Make sure you include their spouse or partner if they are not single. The hotel doesn’t have to be far away. Pick a decent one that is close to your host’s residence.

  1. Online courses


With e-learning becoming mainstream, there are a number of enlightening and useful courses available today. Pick one that will pique your host’s interests, and pay for the course. We urge you to spend time researching before choosing a paid course so that the gift eventually helps your host.

  1. Premium grade spices


Pumpkin spice is the flavor of the season, but it only smells and tastes good if freshly ground. Choose from a range of exotic and raw spices, and give them as gifts to your host. Attractively packaged cinnamon, nutmeg, licorice, black pepper, vanilla, and even saffron are all great gift choices.

  1. A dozen books

When people choose to give books as gifts, they usually buy just one or two. You can be different. Make a list of 12 books for each month of the year, so that your host has something new to read every month until the next Thanksgiving.

Make your host’s heart leap in joy

Some of the hallmarks of this unique all-American festival are exchanging gifts, Thanksgiving dinners, and expressing gratitude to all the good things that happened during the preceding year.

Thank your host for inviting you for dinner by choosing a gift that resonates. 3D crystal gifts, books, a night at a hotel, etc. are all great options!


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