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Best Thanksgiving Crystals Gifts For 2020

Every year, millions of people across the world give gifts to their near and dear ones on Thanksgiving Day to express their affection and gratitude. Engraved crystals are the perfect gifts to express our indebtedness and appreciation for eternity.

Though our lives are impermanent, crystals last for many generations. They symbolize the timelessness of human values such as love, affection, and thankfulness. This Thanksgiving, choose from an exclusive range of engraved crystals, and give the gift of timelessness, cherished memories, and hope to your near and dear ones!

Crystals mean hope, light, and possibilities

For centuries now, clairvoyants have gazed into crystal balls to predict the fortunes of their clients. Traditional societies across the world have used crystal ornaments as good luck charms. Some cultures even give away crystal jewelry as parting gifts to keep their loved ones safe before they set sail to strange lands. In other words, crystals symbolize the light of the universe, and the healing and nurturing power of nature. They also epitomize all the good that can happen to an individual and are an allegory to auspicious possibilities.

diamond crystal photo

Engraved crystals are the best Thanksgiving gifts

Giving customized crystals as gifts were once limited to the royalty and aristocracy. Even among them, it was something very rare. Today, you can insert your favorite images and thoughts into crystals that convey a special meaning to the recipient. 

3D innovation helps crystallize your cherished memories by carefully engraving your most special moments captured in photographs, into a crystal. These engraved crystals last many lifetimes and are the perfect gifts for someone you love. In fact, many people purchase these engraved crystals for themselves.

You can choose to engrave a treasured photo that captures a timeless moment. These customized and deeply personal crystals come in various shapes that are appropriate for different human relationships.

Cherished memories are priceless gifts

Crystals have always been associated with mystery, good luck, and timelessness. It only makes sense to engrave your most special moments in different shapes of crystals and give them to your near and dear ones. They will cherish these crystals all their lives, and maybe even pass them on to the next generation as heirlooms.

3d photo glass

Some of the possibilities include: 

  • A scintillating crystal cube that captures the love between the members of a family
  • A shimmering heart-shaped crystal pendant that immortalizes your love for your sweetheart.
  • A uniquely shaped crystal for your best friend, that is illuminated with a LED base
  • A good luck charm that can be given away to your favorite client
  • A timeless gift to yourself with your favorite memory

A thought to consider: crystals open up possibilities that you never thought existed! Who knows, these engraved crystals might change your fortunes, strengthen existing bonds, and help discover new ones?

Did you know these facts about Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is a uniquely American national holiday that is also celebrated in Canada, Liberia, Grenada, and others. It started as a way to express gratitude and thanks for all the sacrifices made during the preceding year to reap the harvest. The custom’s origin dates back to 1621 when the Wampanoag people and the English pilgrims shared a harvest feast. Ever since families and friends across North America and elsewhere in the world have exchanged gifts with their loved ones.

Now, you can make this Thanksgiving Day special by choosing from one of the many crystal shapes we have listed below.

Send us a photograph of your choice, and we will engrave it into one of these shapes for a gift that will last till eternity.

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