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Black Friday 2020 Crystal Deals

From time immemorial, people have used crystals for their healing power and their positive effect on human emotions. Most cultures consider crystals to be a bond between the past, the present, and the future. To strengthen existing bonds between friends, family, and loved ones, crystals are the perfect gifts to give.

With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, you don’t have to look too far for the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday crystal deals. Rest assured, recipients of these uniquely-shaped 3D crystals will be overjoyed.

Why people love receiving gifts of crystal

Crystals have a primordial quality to them, because of the way they seem timeless and enduring. It is not a surprise that they have been given away to loved ones as talismans, amulets, and lucky charms. Their healing powers are known across the world, and even today, shamans use them for their supposed restorative powers.

Crystals are mysterious, scintillating, and most importantly, a symbol of love and affection. To engrave precious photos inside aptly-shaped crystal is a technological blessing. There couldn’t possibly be better Black Friday/Cyber Monday crystal deals than having your cherished memories crystallized, quite literally.

Give the gift of treasured memories and heart-felt sentiments in a modern manifestation

Thanks to the latest technology, it is now possible to engrave your past memories for future reminiscence. All you need to do is choose a momentous picture and send it to us for 3D rendition. With the help of a cutting-edge laser, we engrave the 3D model into a crystal of your choice.

Choose from a variety of shapes, as each shape represents a different emotion and relationship. For instance, a heart-shaped crystal is the perfect Cyber Monday crystal deal to pick, if you are looking to please a sweetheart. Choose from other shapes such as cubes, round ornaments, or the uniquely-shaped prestige crystal for other relationships.

Consider indulging your loved ones with these luminous Black Friday/Cyber Monday crystal deals:

  • A small but precious heart-shaped pendant to enshrine your romantic love
  • A medium-sized crystal cube to bring hope and healing to a treasured friend
  • A handy heart keychain that you can carry with yourself as an amulet of success
  • A versatile round ornament that captures beautiful moments
  • A large cube for your team workers at an organization where you work

3d photo glass

Interesting trivia about Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • The Friday after Thanksgiving is celebrated as Black Friday in the US and other countries.
  • Initially, big retailers gave away huge discounts, often leading to frenzied shopping at branded stores and markets.
  • The Monday after Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday, which started as a reaction against large retailers who hog all the limelight during Black Friday both online and offline.
  • At the outset, Cyber Monday allowed much smaller and unknown stores to offer attractive discounts online. Nowadays, the distinction has begun to blur, and both small and large retailers offer attractive deals on both the days.

Dare to be different this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As you can see, our 3D crystals can be given away as gifts to practically anyone who is important in your life. These beautiful crystals will bring them luck, hope and joy. True to the occasion, these crystal gifts incorporate modern technology and futuristic design, making them perfect for these contemporary shopping festivals. In other words, there couldn’t possibly be better gifts to purchase during the mad rush that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are.

Choose some of the best 3D crystals gifts we have on offer. Choose the one that suits the occasion.

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